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Welcome to DJ Roofing. We are your local home improvements company, providing our services across the surrounding area. Whether it's just a few repairs, or a complete new roof, drive or patio, you can trust us to make your house a home.

Our aim is to offer our customers outstanding quality and service at a competitive price and guarantee to beat any written quote that you receive.

All our tradesmen take pride in their work and over the years their professionalism has resulted in a number of letters from satisfied customers. All our work is guaranteed and we are also able to provide guarantees for the larger scopes of works.

Roofing Services

Poorly fitted or poorly constructed roofing will cost a fortune in repairs and replacement bills, not to mention the stress and anxiety that goes with it. At DJ Roofing we only work with the very best roofing materials and products. We believe in providing the best possible customer service and all our roofing products are fully guaranteed. Having worked in the roofing industry for many years, we have developed strong relationships with many of the world’s leading manufacturers, meaning we can provide you with the finest roofing systems for very affordable and competitive prices.

Our dedicated and vastly experienced roofers have worked with every product imaginable so know how to expertly install roofing that is not only built to last but will also look great for many years to come.

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UPVC Roofline

Replacing UPVC fascias guttering & soffits to your home is a cost effective way to improve the appearance and increase the value of your home. We use quality UPVC products which are low maintenance, economical and long lasting.

Modern UPVC replacement fascia boards, soffit boards and guttering can all be replaced quickly and with little disruption. A choice of styles and colours are available to suit your property.

It is important to keep all guttering clear as it plays a vital role in the maintenance and protection of your home. Any build up of leaves and debris can result in roof damage, blockages and rainwater overflow increasing the risk of internal damp and mold growth.

We can clear any guttering and downpipes and carry out any minor repairs to ensure your ‘rainwater system’ is working efficiently.

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General Repairs

A roof makes up around one-third of a building’s total exterior. Any damage can seriously compromise the integrity of your home. Roof repair is when you remove all the existing roof material down to the decking.

This is done to achieve two things:

• To find wet or water stained wood guarantees that the problem is corrected.
• To replace rotted or water damaged wood helps in the restoration of the roof.

If your roof is more than 20 years old and most of the shingles are damaged or badly worn, it's time to repair or maybe even replace it.

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Painting Services

Finding qualitative painting repair services has become a very difficult task.

Nowadays, many home improvement companies offer this service, but only few of them can meet the requirements of the average client. If you want your home or office to be painted by the most experienced and well-trained painters, then you should take advantage of our professional painting and repair services.

We use the most modern painting techniques, environmentally-friendly products and we guarantee that our workers will pay attention to absolutely every detail.

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Cleaning Services

We also offer a pressure cleaning service, offering a driveway and patio cleaning service to all areas. Being experts in this field, any cleaning project we undertake will be carried to a high standard, as we have the correct equipment and knowledge to do the job properly.

As with any external surface exposed to the elements, over time weeds, moss, algae and lichen can flourish across the paving, causing the driveway to look dirty and in the need of some attention.

At DJ Roofing & Property Maintenace, we have invested in the latest cleaning equipment, designed to deep clean hard surfaces including block paving, imprinted concrete, crazy paving, natural stone, tarmac, roofs and UPVC. The power behind this machinery together with quality cleaners, enables us to restore your paving to look like new again.

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